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So our great vice. The bean. The little thing none of us can even begin the day without.

I own a lot of survival manuals and only one dealt with a very serious situation our little habit causes. In the first few days of survival we are screwed from caffeine withdrawals. Yep, all that weekend warrior shit is out the window if you don’t have a source of caffeine when a real emergency happens.

Ever try eliminating caffeine from your diet completely. I mean cold turkey. I once new a man that after a week of trying had to get some caffeine into his system or he was going to get violent with his wife and kid.

Sure you may be laughing now, but you will get your cafeine somewhere. Tea, soda, even coffe aren’t enough anymore. 5 Hour energy drinks, red bull, hell cafeine pills. Instead of water or juice your average child thinks soda the second his thirst hits and the adult thinks coffee. We even drink it cold now.

Coffee candies are a hit and pack plenty of concentrated caffeine. I like to grab a bag of chocolate coated coffee beans when I hit the malls. Look at the popularity of Starbucks.

It is the real gateway drug. Pot or marijuana just kinda makes you relax and want to lay around and do nothing. Coffee gets you up and moving and shakking and jittering and running around in a cold sweat. Skip your coffee and you have fatigue from hell and a headache like no other. Just watch a video on animal drug testing. Coffee always does some amazing things.

When someone has a mental illness if you turn to psychiatry then your looking to pills for the answer. How do those pills work? Well, you figure out what the persons brain is over producing and you give them a pill that pushes it so far the brain says “HEY TOO MUCH” and shuts off production of whatever is causing the crazies. So give a hyper kid ritalin and they mellow; give a regular kid ritalin and they are bouncing off of the walls. Now look at coffee in recent years, and soda like mountain do, and the energy drink craze… okay now look at the ADHD outbreak (if it has much validity). Coffee babies, like crack babies  minus the sympathy from everyone.

Well I am just getting started, thought I should get something here while I can think clearly, the pills will wear off and I am very sick. Will get back to this blog someday.