So the first part of this is a poem by William Blake that I really like. He is worth looking into. He takes God and the bible to a militant ass kicking level. Get a book of his works!

The second part of this is a portion of the Gospel of Judas. While I do not agree with the interpretations of the archeologists that found it, it is an interesting book. It really seems straight forward, but the Archeologist take it off to crazy land to push their own agendas… that seems to be what christianity is all about though, ignore the book, make something up, convince others and finally drink the Kool-aid. Get a copy of the Gospel of Judas!

‘I saw a chapel all of gold’


I saw a chapel all of gold

That none did dare to enter in

And many weeping stood without

Weeping, mourning, worshipping.


I saw a serpent rise between

The white pillars of the door

And he forcd, and forcd, and forcd

Down the golden hinges tore


And along the pavement sweet

Set with pearls & rubies bright

All his slimy length he drew

Till upon the altar white


Vomiting his poisons out

On the bread & on the wine.

So I turned into a sty

And laid me down among the swine.

– William Blake


” We have seen a great house with a large altar in it and twelve men they are the priests we would say and the name of god; and a crowd of people is waiting at the altar, until the priests receive the offerings. But we kept waiting.”

“Some sacrifice their own children, others their wives, in praise and humility with each other; some sleep with men; some are involved in slaughter; some commit a multitude of sins and deeds of lawlessness. And the men who stand before the altar invoke the name of Jesus and in all the deeds of their deficiency, the sacrifices are brought to completion.”

-The Gospel of Judas


Yeah, good stuff those two.