This is a simple copy paste of one of my Myspace blogs


this blog is a work in progress

back when i sent out a bulletin saying new blog soon i had it all thought out

well those of you who know me well enough know what my memory is like

so as it comes back to me i shall edit this

hopefully it slowly morphs into something similar to what was originally intended


so anyway an update of some of what i can remember of the entended blog

i was sitting in the hospital in a hallway

nothing really to do so i was just trying my best to space off and let time fly

after awhile of doing this something amazing happened

i heard someone walking and just thought gee that sounds like a fat old happy person….maybe even one that would look like someones grama….bored as i was i decided too look up and sure enough it was exactly as i had thought

so i thought too myself all i did was listen to the sound of that persons walk and i knew their general health and mood. Then i thought no i must be crazy no way i can do that again….so i stared at the floor tried to space off and waited for someone to walk down the hall….next was angry and i forget what state of health and about middle age and yet again i was right even gender. the gender part was no surprise men and women have differently shaped skeletal systems but the rest was blowin my mind and i did this for the better portion of an afternoon getting all types of mood and everytype of health other than very good health, you know the type that excercise and such (a true rarity in this country). well at one point finally i heard an energetic lively footstep that seemed light and fast almost as if gliding so i thought healthy female happy and looked up sure enough i was right she even smiled said hi and waved. i couldnt believe it. i was shocked, its just weird so i kept listening and not too much later i heard healthy stressed and in a hurry maybe even flustered and probably female…..looked up and it was the nurse lady who had been the previous happy healthy person looking worried and now returning at high speed. it was a little after that when i got up and left the hospital….i thought about it alot and it wasnt as crazy as i had initially thought because it wasnt like you could identify the person specifically (although i am sure if it was a frequent aquantance as they would generally be in the same mood around you most of the time that you might be able to in this situation identify a specific person) anyway all this was very interesting to me and it like so many other situations have done in the past, made me realize how calming down forgetting all the stress pressure multitasking and other crap of the every day americans life ….and just observing with eyes or ears or whatever amazing things can happen. it really makes me miss camping and getting away from this insane monster called civilization. another thought ocurred to me… what does my walk say about me? how much does the sound of my step tell?  if youve bothered to read this far…try this sometime its actually very interesting space off stairing at the floor and just listen to the sound of peoples footsteps.