Never mind why I got into college in the first place. I am in it now. Doing very well at it too.

Lee's Photography Did NOT Have My Permission To Photograph ME

Lee’s Photography Did NOT Have My Permission To Photograph ME

So why college? Why now anyway? I have a dream. A stupid far-fetched dream.

Lee's Photography Did NOT Have My Permission To Photograph ME

They Certainly Did NOT Have My Permission To Place Unproffessional Illtimed Photos Of Me On Their Website And NO Permission Was Given To Use me In Anyway To Promote Their Buisness On The Internet Without Any Monetary Compensation. I has also been put under the impression that the college was paying for any photographs done of the students and that cost was included in our tuition fee. I would have assumed that they would have selected a company that would have the presence of mind not to wait until someone is looking at the floor to take the picture.

I want to direct Samurai Dramas for the straight to video market in Japan. This market is dominated by Yakuza films. Yakuza is the Mafia of Japan. The organized crime syndicate.

Sounds insane. First language barrier. The first time I was attempting to learn Japanese it came by accident. I had been watching samurai themed movies every saturday. The ‘Zatoichi’ movies mostly. They were excellently subtitled and soon I noticed I wasn’t even reading the subtitles. This made it easy to cook and listen. Eventually I began trying to actively learn. I bought a PC program and was flying through it. With nobody to speak it with though; I began to feel silly and stopped.

It is years later and I am trying again. I can’t even keep the simplest words in my head. It is horrible. I watch YouTube videos with Japanese, I listen to learn to speak stuff while I am sleeping and when I am awake doing homework, I have a DS game about learning Japanese, and I even have a pen pal. I am just getting nowhere.

How do you go to college for directing when you live in IOWA? Well I took an intro to film course. I am taking several computer courses (these will be relevant later) and some writing and psychology. There is a college near here that has some directing courses. There are also some local stations that use people from these programs. So the college education and some experience is available.

Then what? Well I have come across some information about a few Americans who have made it as directors in Japan. One even manages to still live in America. A website seems to get them noticed. DVDs help and you can make and ship those with basic computer skills. Advertisement, like commercials, you can make and ship back, and generally are a good start. Some work with net centered TV stations like JibTV is another good step. You can also do editing and translation work from a PC in America, while working for Japan.

So yeah the web design and basic PC classes. Psychology helps dealing with people and such. Writing can get your point across. So maybe I just need to find a college course on speaking Japanese.

If it all falls apart, and my dream will, then I am left with doing some crap web design job, or maybe being a translator (if I can figure out the language).  I want to direct Samurai dramas with quick yet amazing fight scenes and a touch of romance in them. It would be an innocent life making movies that make people happy.  God I hope I pull it off.

So, yeah, what if I have to pay my dues and do some Yakuza fliks. Got it covered. Set them in the same time period as the ‘Zatoichi’ films. Yeah samurai and Yakuza existed during the same time. I could do a million different movies that way.