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This future rant has been requested. In the spirit of racism I will probably just spew what comes out of my mind at first, with little regard to facts and such. With time I will add to it and it should start to take shape as an, at least, decent argument against the only really defective race. The only group that there should be any racism against…WHITE PEOPLE! I will probably throw in some fun family experiences too. Hey my mom’s side of the family can’t fault me; because nothing I do will equal the tell all book my crazy uncle wrote. He has a front yard that looks like a museum for old dentist equipment and he is often seen in stores pushing a cart around with naked barbies in it…man that guy is interesting. So what if he lied about the death, or at least the way it happened, crazy people have a license to do that don’t they? They keep life interesting too. Yeah so why if I babble on like this am I putting off this rant…well finals for one and wanna chug a beer before the rant as that seems about right for a racist rant prep party. Maybe I need to invest in a fake mullet…anyway coming within 7 days if all goes as planned.

I come from a racist background of sorts, but never really got wrapped up in the type of racism I am surrounded by. My mom’s side of the family is the type to view non-white races as natural criminals, or savages. They don’t really talk about it, but when a person of color stands next to them in a checkout lane you can see the members of my mom’s side of the family check for their wallets, clinch their purses, step away a bit, and take on a look of discomfort and fear.

My dad’s side of the family is openly racist. They talk about it and somewhat often. They tend to take on tones and faces of rage and anger when talking about it. They act normal when a person of color is near, yet have noticeably shorter tempers.

The town I live in is a small valley shaped factory town with a dirty river running down the center. The town has this sort of natural segregation to its neighborhoods. The racism is definitely there.

I remember in grade school a small black child getting called names and made fun of by a teachers aid while standing in line to go in from recess. When the boy had had enough he pushed her. It was the pathetic push of a small child; yet she jumped backwards into the air and landed on her back screaming “My back it is broken!” It was all so over dramatic and strange. I saw him again years later and learned that the incident had pretty much ruined his life and got him sent to some rather terrible school. Of course they all had knowledge of the incident and treated him poorly.

Another incident that had me scared to death also occurred in grade school. I was sick a lot as a child. Yet again I had puked all over a classroom and been sent to the nurses office. While sitting outside the nurses office waiting I heard this load repetitive noise and a child screaming horribly. The door opened and this child stumbled out crying and screaming. It was a little black girl. One of the teachers aids was in the nurses office and she had this huge board with all these holes drilled in it. She tried to grab the child and the child fell onto her hands and knees crying and tried to crawl away. The adult grabbed her ankle and drug her back in then slammed the door. I heard the noise again, it was that damned board hitting that child over and over.

I must have screamed when I had seen all of this, I don’t remember for sure, but the principle came out of his office and looked at me. He told me to come in his office and wait. He asked how I was and I asked what was that girl being hit with that board for. He said not to worry they would never hit me with that board. He then added that he was sure she had done something to deserve it and added “They are always being trouble.”

At this point I feel the need to say that the state I live in was on the north’s side during the civil war. You certainly wouldn’t know it growing up here though. Growing up here and not really getting the entire racism thing it seemed to me that they were getting it all wrong. Anything they acused other races of here the white were always doing worse. It just never made sense to me.

Now as a child I had on some sort of blinders. When people said racist things it tended to go in one ear and out the other. When they said Black people I just heard people, when they said mexicans I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about. It took me years to figure out what my grama meant by pikininey (if I even spelled that right). My grama has told me that one of her best friends as a child was black, this really makes all the racism give me a braincramp.

In recent years I found out from a relative that my dad’s side of the family is (I am not sure if this is a racist term or if I am even spelling it right) Melungeon. Which I guess, from what he was saying, means we have a crazy mixture of different races. People from india, blacks, native american (which I had known that much growing up as it was something that two of my uncles were proud of and no one on my dad’s side of the family seemed to have a problem with native americans), and some other races.

When I had made it into high school I wanted to be the one to bring home a black girlfriend just to give all of my racist family a heart attack. I don’t have much luck with women though and eventually my sister brought home a black boyfriend and thus beat me to the craziness. My sister never really understood the racism either. Eventually everyone became okay with her boyfriend (and that was about the time he started cheating on her and she dumped him).

So there is a bit of background. Some of it may explain why I eventually became racist against white people. I don’t know. I just thought some background would help this blog, especially before I get into all the DIE WHITEY DIE! stuff.

White people, really am I the only one that sees the problem? Maybe I am. Hopefully this will change that.

Lets talk about highschool for a second. Trust me, it will bring us to the beginning. See this highschool story is about mud.

In highschool the J.C.s club had this crazy thing they were preaching. That there are these MUD RACES destined to be lazy, stupid, and violent. These MUD RACES are supposed to be naturally sinful. They said mud is brown. So they were trying to push this MUD RACES thing to cover a large portion of the world’s population. Including the people in the holy land. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, they had this insane Idea that Jesus was white. Try and figure that one out; even early Jews were more brown than white.

Well I lived on a gravel road in highschool. I thought this mud races thing was pure insanity. That was, until I noticed the mud on the gravel road. See when it rains and that gravel road gets wet you get WHITE mud. WHITE mud occurs all over the world. It isn’t that strange.

So we get to the beginning. God made the white people white because THEY are the mud race, along with other white races like vikings. Yeah viking weren’t like what you think, the movies get them totally wrong, but thats another blog altogether.

So the main mud race WHITE PEOPLE! is mostly limited to small islands with shit weather, but not any real extremes (unless your talking bout those crazy loveable vikings). They don’t handle being cooped up on these islands well and start inbreeding like crazy, because they are too lazy to walk over to the next poorly built shelter. Years of inbreeding leads to some interesting things.

See white people have a higher rate of mental insanity and birth defects. So these angry, insane, deformed, adapted to nothing, inbreds start doing what they do best. STEAL, STEAL LIKE ITS THEIR VERY NATURE! Forget creating things, or making peace, or trading. They hit the seas and land bridges and whatever and punch and kick and gnaw till they have stolen some weapons. Then they take to looting, raping, and everything else that makes up all the evils of mankind.

They conquer to make more war. They push evil, depressing religions. They really set all of mankind behind a bit. It isn’t all bad though. At some point they find Jesus….oh wait they screw that up to.

Yeah early christians were so serious about being nice and spreading peace, you know turn the other cheek stuff, that they just sort of stood there and let the lions eat them in the arena. Hey death meant heaven. Well that’s just not the whites style.

Now christianity is a white thing, with Jesus re written as white and everyone is being held at sword point and told to worship. At this point they start blaming illness on demons and amputating limbs and bleeding with leeches. The Arabs are looking at this with all of their science and math and advanced medicine and saying “These guys are nuts.

The Arabs eventually find religion and stop being advanced, but the whites keep doing their thing and trying to convince people they are the top race. Wait what? Yep, see white people can dish it out but they hate taking their own medicine. So whites are setting themselves up as top of the evolutionary ladder everywhere. THAT IS SO INSANE AS THEY HAVE NO ADAPTATIONS TO ANYTHING JUST BAD GENES, DISEASE, AND INSANITY THANKS TO ALL THAT INBREEDING!

Eskimos are adapted to eat a diet so rich in whale blubber that it would kill anyone else. Acorns are a bit poisonous unless your native american. Most races can spend a day in the sun without turning red and being in constant pain!

THIS IS EVOLUTION! ADAPTATION! IT IS DARWIN! THESE ARE SUPERIOR QUALITIES! To the whites it means these races are savages meant to live in the wild. So what do these white races really have that makes them so F’N superior? Nothing. Hell, they are loaded with problems that prove the opposite.

Most major intelligent ideas are made by other races, WHITE PEOPLE STEAL THE CREDIT! The few ideas white people have that would qualify as intelligent are due to a mixing of races and some evolved, non-white, genes. Mix any race other than white, and you get an adaptation of good qualities. MIX WHITE AND YOU GET STUFF LIKE SICLE CELL! It has nothing to do with the black man, ITS THOSE DAMN DEFECTIVE WHITE GENES!

Jesus was brown, face it. Scientist studying genes and human evolution say that, most likely, Adam and Eve were black. Maybe Kane was white.

White people take forever to learn a language. Take ebonics for example. Really look at it. What does it sound like? Heavy, dumbed down southern accent. Where does it come from? Well at first some rich white republicans were saying it was the language of the black people on the streets. They made it sound like all black people who learn english speak like that at first. Then when the dumber bleeding heart liberal democrats shed a tear and said those poor misfortunates, suddenly schools are pushing ebonics as a second language in major cities.

THAT IS ALL SO INSANE AND HOW THE HELL DOES ANYONE FALL FOR THAT SHIT!?! Look at any other country. Ebonics is an American disease pure and simple. Now radio and television have been around forever and so has film. There is documented proof of early black performers being told how to talk if they wanted to be on T.V. One famous example is of a pianist being forced to pronounce piano as PIE ANN UH. He actually had to practice it and found it humiliating.

So go back and take a closer look at early slave trade. The slaves being taken from africa by the british and brought to America to be sold. Those guys, they heard English closer to its source. Often many southern farmers in America were insulted at how well these slave spoke English and thought that the slaves were trying to sound smarter than them. Birth of ebonics. Slave masters beating them cause they sounded smarter. Slave traders saying don’t talk like us or you will not sell well, then a whip and a lesson in how to sound southern. Early films and books are filled with how the slaves had to talk around the white man.

EBONICS IS A DUMBED DOWN ENGLISH THAT SOUNDS SOUTHERN BECAUSE ITS THE WAY THOSE SLAVE MASTERS TALKED! Then put rich white southern people in key places like the media and suddenly lots of black people are dumbing things down. It is so obvious. There is plenty of literature on this and some rather good documentaries.

Saul Williams and Aaron Mcgruder fight the ebonics mess all the time and the rap/gangster culture sold to so many. Look at the gangster look….pants down low so your legs look shorter, hunched over, arms made to look longer and down in front of you…. It is a cookie cutter image of what racist white want to portray black people as… ape like. It is pushed by rich white executives in T.V. and at Record labels.

With time and the developement of medical and psychological science white racists start falsifying data to portray minorities as having more natural birth defects and mental insanities. When you get down to it, whites raised in the same conditions as those forced on minorities have a much higher rate of defects. MULLETS! WHITE TRASH! TRAILER PARKS!

Also whites have more serial killers than any other race because we really have a higher rate of mental insanity, especially dangerous mental insanities. Look at the standard profile of a serial killer….the first word in it is WHITE! This really could go on forever.

White people have the worst diet. They can’t dance. White people have horrible rhythm. They steal everything. They always try to act superior. WHITE WOMEN ARE NUTS! on and on.

Think about the fights you got into as a kid in school. I had Japanese, white, Mexican, Native American, Black, India (cause i I say Indian its like saying Native american…F’n you get it) and whatever else. Tons of variety of race in the grade schools I went to. Not one fight with anyone other than white kids. The bully’s always white. The group of kids runnin around picking on people, always white. Other races would at most laugh at you to be mean and that’s it. White kids were just evil.

What do white governments do, WHITE STUFF! First a white run government tries to act like it is the greatest thing ever. Then they brainwash their citizens to think that their country is the greatest. Other governments just want you obedient. Whites have this inferiority complex. Then white governments set up all these horrible governments like Iraq to make themselves look better and manipulate and bully someone else. When they get bored they overthrow the government they set up and all in the name of spreading their greatness, I mean freedom. Never mind that they are still pulling the same crap they did before with that same area.

White people age horribly and have horrible health. Blue eyes give me the creeps. If white is so superior how come the most common blood type can be traced back to Genghis Khan and not some white guy? Oh and Mongols were so superior to white that white people had to use the term Mongoloid to mean visibly retarded….wow what an inferiority complex white people have.

White languages always connect their words to make non-whites suffer. Mongoloid…yeah. Black okay black it’s just a color. To me its tranquil. What does white society use the term Black for….a race that is far superior that they want to belittle and evil, darkness, everything bad really. This use of the word and the connections it causes on a subliminal level are not an accident. White people do this kind of evil crap to perpetuate their completely backwards idea that they are somehow superior when every bit of evidence is to the contrary.

When I am in a big city it is the white people who are always rude and causing trouble. The so-called minorities are generally nice and friendly and helpful. Everything a superior culture that has advanced would be expected to be. Culture….everyone but whites has it and celebrates it and has reason to do so. Culture helps pass on knowledge and a sense of belonging and so on. Culture is a good thing. It creates unity. Most cultures are more than glad to share their culture and celebrate others.

White hate culture. They suppress it. They whine about it. White culture is materialistic, murderous and oppressive if it exists.

White people spread destruction and decay. Look what they did to the native Americans. his peace-loving people who lived happy and healthy and in tune with nature and still had some good ass kicking capability. Whites lied, cheated, and murdered them. They said god made them white and thus superior so their destiny was to take everything and it all should be theirs anyway. Greedy pride filled bastards. They used religion and skin color as a way to claim everything and what the hell…destiny? God wanted them to go murder crazy and steal everything so they could get into heaven? huh WTF?

I took a class at my college that is supposed to be for law or law enforcement student called “foreign and domestic terrorism”. Hey it sounded interesting. Well guess what… The biggest threat to America isn’t brown people, it is – crazy white domestic terrorism. Yeah hows that for insane?

Well getting tired. Maybe I will add to this later. It has me so angry I am about to have an aneurism so I better catch some sleep. BEWARE THE WHITE MENACE!

oh yeah white people are ugly, smelly, stupid, unhealthy, and a bunch of other bad stuff I can’t think of right now.