This woman was ovulating. I mean that she was so into this douche bag that she was dropping eggs. You could just hear it in that weird, all my brain cells have died, giggle she just couldn’t control.

I had stopped in a gas station for a snack and some caffeine. Imediatelly you could hear this phony I-am-all-that-is-male-laugh and an equally phony your-the-greatest-thing-ever giggle. So this complete neanderthal of a person was standing at the counter of this gas station talking about all the other gas stations he goes to to hit on the female attendants. The female gas station attendant was absolutely glued to him, hanging on his every word.

He looked like a total dickhead. Out of shape ex high school jock in a campus security coat with a bad haircut and cheap sunglasses on at night. She was a fat harry potter reading (or twilight reading) christian in ugly glasses who would never procreate. She was glowing for him. Her eyes wanted his DNA. She was completely oblivious to the rest of the world and I thought she might forget to breath.

His pick up lines, or stories, consisted of making fun of the other female gas station attendants he hit on and how desperate they were and how he could twist them around his finger with no effort. It was sickening. He had nothing good to say and was really making the male of our species look the worst they ever had. She was ensorcelled by it.

It was obvious that short of a date rape pill he was never going to get anywhere with a normal self respecting woman. Should this really bug me though? Should I be bitter?

They were both happy. It was not hurting me. I had no grudge against either of them. Their lives must obviously suck. This was their big moment. Why should I ruin it?

I decided to stay out of it. It was their happiness. In such a sick world who am I to destroy that? Still, did I do the right thing? Am I justified in thinking these two need removed from the gene pool, just in case they manage to procreate some day?

(this is the begining of a post thats all done in my head…to bad I am to lazy to type it all right now.)