First the easy part…HOMOSEXUALITY…or what exactly are you so afraid of? Homosexuality is a blessing if anything. People can be born homosexual, or become it from mental illness, but the same is just as true for Heterosexuality. Yep, some straight people are that way due to a psychological problem like abuse and would be much happier if they were cured and allowed to live as homosexuals.

It happens it is natural and really shouldn’t bother anyone. When does it bother me…when it is for the wrong reasons. Just like with straight people there are some homosexuals that have to go on and on about it and cram it down everyones throat and really push it like they are afraid of something. These people get annoying fast. If their entire being is summed up by their sexual preference then there is nothing there to interest a real person.

Sometimes these people go to far and try to limit other People’s rights by screaming that theirs are being infringed somehow. It is really just a power play by some sad people. Political correctness suits are usually cries for help by people with major self-esteem issues. They run both ways too.

Now to finish this up. Those of you who HATE homosexuals are the last ones that should be complaining. They do not find you attractive. They are not competition for women and if they have a boyfriend that takes two people off the market and greatly increases your chances of procreation. This should make you happy as you are a very sorry example of the human race.

Well the hard part. ILLEGAL ALIENS FROM OUTER…border limits i guess… Look as a white fat lazy stupid American I love the food and liquor they bring to our country. Hell if I smile at them and say “You don’t gotta worry I am her brother and don’t give a shit who she dates or whatevers.” while in a bar with my sister, these illegals buy me a free pitcher of beer. Hell I am gonna ship in some more illegals if I figure out how, now that I think about the benefits.

Anyway, why am I against them. Hmmm….Well they send money out of the country and don’t pay taxes. This can hurt the economy, but if the economy is fine then it’s not a problem with me. If they are willing to get into the country illegally then they have already committed a crime and thus are likely to commit more. These are really minor things though.

So whats the big deal? The big deal is some older immigrants I have talked to and a man I once met. The older immigrants are proud that they made it here, proud to speak the dominant language (even if it weren’t english), they like fitting in, and they want to help the country prosper. They like belonging to it, not F’ing the system like most ignorant, fat, white people who were born here. Yeah, those immigrants that struggled to get here ARE better than the fat, lazy, stupid, take everything for granted whites that drain our system worse than any illegal.

The biggest reason though is an honest man I once met that deserved to be here more than me. He was a Mexican. He was busting his butt to learn the language and everything he could about this country. He loved paying taxes because it was him giving back to a place that seemed like heaven to him. He wanted to be here and he wanted to help. He was polite and honest and VERY hard-working.

He was being used and abused by the place where he worked. They violated all his rights and treated him like dirt. Still he smiled and just tried harder. I have never seen a white work as hard as this man.

Due to some language barriers he was being taken advantage of and forced to do things on the job that put him in danger and the emergency room repeatedly. The job he had kept him from using his insurance, so he paid those medical bills himself and even had to cut down on what he was eating each meal to do so. He smiled at you, he shook your hand, he was polite and friendly and he wanted to be a fellow member of your country. He didn’t expect you to do anything for him, he wanted to know what he could do for you.

The illegals gave him a bad name. They made his life harder. They caused more racism to befall this great man. They spit in the face of all his hard work by trying to do the opposite of everything he did. They even worked for less and put up with horrible treatment. This caused him to have to put up with more. They complained about everything and did drugs at the plant and tried committing every crime they thought they could get away with. It was just horrible that he had to watch all this as he struggled so.

Eventually he was fired from the plant he worked at. He was fired to make room for more illegals. He was here on a work visa and he was trying to become a citizen. I haven’t seen him in years. I wish I could call him friend.

So, yeah, I personally don’t have a reason to complain about anything the illegals do to me as they don’t really affect me. Its how they affected him. Its how they affect all the people like him that could make our country great again. Oh well maybe it’s what all the fat, stupid, lazy, white, Americans deserve…. illegals just like them, but slightly harder working.

Hell he was even gonna vote every chance he got. No one cares that much about this country anymore. It makes me sick.