Well…sadly it didn’t live up to my imagination. Yeah, I hadn’t let my mind go too far on this one, but really, is that all you got Human Centipede? I hear that there is a sequel in the works so maybe it will deliver what I was hoping for.

I hadn’t expected much. Really, I just wanted some brown liquid oozing out of holes in the freshly stitched flesh. Also, Some regurgitation at the first deification was a no brainer. Sadly these scenarios were missing. What about peeing? Some overflow of waste coming out the nostrils? But NO PMS STUFF! I have standards. All men quietly earn their red wings and we don’t need it on camera, for the love of God. I was actually glad that this movie stayed away from sexual situations.

Just those little changes and it would have lived up to my expectations. Perhaps it will get remade with Christopher Walken as the mad scientist. Human Centipede has been added to my collection. It is almost too tame for my dvd collection. I have high hopes for the sequel though.

I had hoped this one would be so over the top gross that I would have a reason to get out my ATARI mixed drinks glass and make a centipede, while doing shots out of a centipede themed shot glass and playing centipede on a hand-held gaming device. Come on Human Centipede 2 push the limits. Don’t hold back. At least give us an x-ray shot of the digestive track, or an inside body cam.