Movies and me have a long history. If you were to ask me at random I would only recal recent years. With a little thought though…

Without going into cable or even regular television, vhs, or anything else I still have a lot of material with theatres and movies. Drive-ins well when i get over this headache drive ins will go here

recent years drive ins here. Like the missouri one that a tornado took out. It was nice, filled the dashboard with massive amounts of really good low cost food. Contests between movies and all sorts of stuff. The Ames Iowa one wasn’t bad either. Newton is just a bit pricey, but still way below the cost of a regular theatre. For the cost of one movie ticket for one adult, two adults get two movies at your average drive in and in Newton its two adult pay slightly less than what two adults would pay to get into one movie and they get too see two, food prices in newton are less that half the prices at a regular theatre.

loud mouth kids i scared to death here. Yeah these two wouldn’t shut up so when one went to the restroom I walked over to the other and poured my drink in his friends seat right infront of him and then picked him up by his shirt and said “Look kid you shut the fuck up and don’t speak during the rest of the movie. If you do I am going to stab your throat so you cant scream. Then I am going to gut you by cutting your belly open in an upward cut. That way all the guts come out easy which I will throw all over this row of seats. Since we are in the back all those people will just keep watching the movie while you bleed out with no one knowing or helping. You got me kid?” He shook his head. I continued “And you make sure your friend stays quiet too.” His friend got back, and shrieked when he sat on the ice. He punched his friend in the arm and made the Shh hand symbol infront of his mouth. I looked away and enjoyed the movie after that, I would assume he whispered to his friend what I had said, I say assume because I didn’t hear shit after the shriek.

stinky gamer nerds and star wars, or lord of the rings here. Man theatres can really smell. Not locker room stench. No the nerd stench is worse with strong hints of mold. It stays with the theatre for at least a week after a nerd movie premier.

the sea of cell phones and portable gaming devices here. Yes cellphone screens and DS screens from wall to wall and bobbing around. Try and watch a movie with that shit. One kid running back and fourth down the row with his DS out and lit up until he trips and then gets right up as if nothing happened and continues his running while his damn mother plays her DS. A countless number texting throughout the movie and a few using their phones to capture the movie. WHY DO THESE PEOPLE EVEN GO!?!

a history of when my dad still went to movies here. Star trek films were the last ones we saw together. I always ate all the popcorn before the movie started. No matter how big of a bag of popcorn he bought.

my first time sitting in the front row here. It was the first ninja turtles movie and I got one hell of a stiff neck from having to look up through the entire movie! It was the first movie I had been too that was all screaming kids. It didn’t really bother me at the time though, not sure why as even as a child I was quiet during movies. Although now I am quiet first viewing and like to discuss everything on later viewings as the stuff happens.

almost getting knifed by a family of Latin Americans here. I was minding my own business damn it. The evil child kept kicking the back of my seat and was getting closer to the top of the seat with each kick. I leaned over to my friend and said “I am gonna just move to the end of the row. You know how I hate children and I don’t want to cause any trouble.” His mother who had been painfully absent from his life up to this point suddenly screams “CHOO GOTS A PROBLIM WIF MY KID MUTHAFUKA!” I just stood up and raised my voice above hers to say “LOOK LADY YOUR KIDS KEEPS KICKING THE BACK OF MY SEAT AND I JUST SAID I WAS GONNA MOVE TO THE END OF THE ROW! THAT MEANS I DON’T WANT TO HAVE A PROBLEM! TICKETS COST TOO MUCH AND I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE! ALL THESE PEOPLE PAID WAY TOO MUCH FOR YOU TO BE SCREAMING AND INTERUPTING IT! NOW SHUT UP!” I then went to the front of the theatre. One huge Latin American sets on one side of me and one about my size in front of me. Then I hear the noise. Butterfly knives. I laugh and pull out a knife and mumble this is gonna be fun. At this point I was pissed and wanted to hurt someone. One of em leaned and said “Your dead in the parking lot muthafuka.” I grinned, chuckled and held my knife up for him to see and said something to the effect of I can’t wait. It was obvious the part of me that scares the shit out of me had taken the pilot seat and wanted to do something that could land me in jail. They kinda backed off. They looked really uncomfortable and shrank in their seats. I talk different when I get ready to hurt people. I don’t think my squeeky high pitched voice could ever be intimidating, but when I feel like hurting people I talk, look and act different and people react oddly to me. One put his knife away and the other quit playing with his. Then a few seconds later another friend of mine, one who paid my admission ticket, sat beside me. They other one put his knife away real quick. Later they got up and moved. I told my friend that I had gone to the front so as not to bring any trouble on them, he mentioned something about the lady had screamed “YOUR DEAD MUTHAFUKA!” when I went to the front of the theatre and he had seen the two men follow me, so he thought he better check it out. After the movie, which I enjoyed, those Latin Americans hauled @$$ to their car. I don’t know why I got all worked up the one big one was fat and out of shape and the other looked like a videogamer completely devoid of muscle. I felt silly.

the month old theatre here. Low prices on admission and food. Amazing place. Almost no one there so you get to pretty much have the movie to yourself. Tons of different movie popcorn flavors and toppings.

the theatre with so many games why bother watching a movie here. Waiting room is two or three stories of arcade with fooseball and everything else, air hockey, ski ball AND TICKETS TO GET PRIZES WITH WON AT ALMOST EVERY GAME! Well other than the straight up videogame arcade machines.

the so your going to die twilight zone moment in a theatre restroom here (GOD THAT STILL FUCKS WITH ME!) I was a kid. I was going to the restroom. It was empty. THAT PAMPLET WAS JUST LAYING RIGHT THERE! I had gone to wash my hands (I am clean and tend to wash my hands after I pee even though I never piss on my hands it is just hygene) and there is the funny little blue pamphlet on the sink. I saw cartoon people on it so picked it up and looked at it closer. The title SO YOU’RE GOING TO DIE made me put it right back down and walk quickly from the restroom straight to my seat where i sat quietly in terror till the movie finished.

and whatever other crap here

truth is this past week has been so difficult i am starting to battle some old thoughts and feelings. and then there is the crap that happened today…wait its past midnight so yesterday. Dizzy spells, feint feeling, someone said i was turning yellow, trouble concentrating (beyond the norm), my eyesight going in and out of focus, my hearing sounding all off and somewhat like being in a pool and most recently the last five hours a terrible migraine in my temples if thats what you call em… hell I mean the spot between my eyes and ears on the sides of my skull. so maybe i will get back to this blog… probly not, my head really f’n hurts.

if you read my prison cell blog I forgot to mention none of the pictures that my pen pal sent are of her, just one of an actress she likes and two of sumi-e postcards or whatever GOD MY HEAD HURTS. this is really anoying, I am gonna try to sleep.

UPDATE 7/24/12 I have pictures of her now. I will never understand women. She looks so much better than the actress she sent pictures of. She is very pretty. END OF UPDATE (stuff below written before this update)

well since i last tried going to sleep two things occured. spent most the time trying to find that f’n cat. its been meowing loudly at the top of the basement stairs and runs when i make it up about two stairs. It comes back as soon as I go back down the stairs, that devil cat is trying to deprive me of sleep GOD AS I WRITE THIS I HEAR THAT FAT THING STAMPEDING AROUND THE HOUSE LIKE A HEARD OF CATTLE!

The second thing, well my headache got worse and now my nose is bleeding…

gonna try…f’n demon spawn CAT!… gonna try to go back to sleep now.