Greatest driving song ever made! Trust me on this one children. The album Beaucoup fish.


Let that one put some life in your soul and some hard beats in your heart. Pounding progressive rhythm, and your foot unconsciously slams that petal to the metal at a steady pace. Let it all blur to the rush of the wind.


Lets get the “new noise” going in our ears.

That guy has some lungs DAMN IT! CRANK IT!

SHAKE IT LOOSE AND LET GO! It is time for Liberation Frequency.

Churning through the Vodka a little faster than I would like. Make a wish.

A little kiss to get you in the spring mood.


If you like that then be sure to respect the author of that work. Joel-Peter Witkin, the greatest photographer ever. Buy his photo albums and attend his galleries.

Now to slow things down and settle this mood into something a bit more socially acceptable.

To thank our angel, Angelspitt, for that song I shall post a vision of an angel, its wings removed so that it may be kept, by our photographer extraordinaire JPW


Buy his albums attend his art viewings, these net photos are a meager tribute to the master of the still photo.

Well it is spring again, strange urges and even stranger propositions. Do these people know what they ask, and of who…HELL NO! If they only knew the wolf in sheeps clothing they are speaking of, then they wouldn’t invite it into their beds. They think they know, they expect its perversion, yet they forget its murderous nature.

Still on the white russians. It has been Vodka nights. Got some irish cream liquor so been doing one shot Irish cream, two shots milk, and three shots Vodka.

Allergies are back with a vengeance; as winter has met its end, all too soon. So once again I find myself despising all that lives. I see life around me, without suffering, and I hate it. I want to choke it. Happy couples breathing without pain.

Happy mating season, happy hunting, and remember paying a little attention gets you an inside view. They just want to feel pretty and you just want to get off. No reason we can’t both get what we want. Be careful who you let in your bed, they may be carrying a thousand tiny unwanted visitor, or hidden anterior motives for your flesh.

If you like the videos, Music, or photos posted here then pay your respects to the authors and support them in your various ways. They need money to keep bringing us what we need to forget our sorry lives.

Nine Inch Nails



Joel-Peter Witkin

Refused (back together and on tour)

All material collected from various free sources on the net, if you don’t like it sue the source. All used without permission. Where possible I have bought the albums, both photo and CD, so I support these artists and wish to spread the word, so you can support them as well.

Low on Vodka. Saving the last little morsel for another night. I leave you wretched beings with a song that fits you. Goodbye for now. (need absinthe, but it’s already given me to many problems and so, I have to lay off till my gallbladder recovers, by expelling all the stones).