If you have known me for a while, then you know I love psychology and study it every chance I get. This is going to lead to so rather large college bills, but it is like a drug for me. If you have known me for a while and know I love psychology then, remember how I said they should use a coma victim’s cell phone rings to get them out of a coma?…and then i added, to try and used the most frequent appearing number on their phone bills, ring if they weren’t responding.

See we are all slaves to programing. An annoying television commercial jingle, and the subtle ways it influences our purchases and whether or not we even see the other items on the shelf. That’s right that jingle from the commercial you hate may have you saying “I am never going to buy that”, but if we tested the average person that said this, they wouldn’t even notice the majority of the other brands on the shelf. You get programmed to see only the brands advertised, even if you hate them. Not just commercial jingles, music in general, a lobotomized individual retains basic motor skills and can even catch a ball. Play the right music and they just might zombie dance.

Cell phones program us. You have immediate emotional and physical reactions to your rings. The more common ones may be a groan of annoyance, extreme anger, or elation. You may not wake up to the fire trucks blasting their sirens as they put out your neighbor’s house fire, but you jump up as if your life is in danger, from the deepest sleep, when your cell phone rings. Therefore, try cellphones on coma victims.

Something else that had not occurred to me. Another application of sorts. Retirement homes and cellphones. May not work now, but in a few years as the number of cell phone using residents increases. Most people’s cell phone rings are also songs.

 This video shows some other possible applications, methods, and raises some questions…

 If you think about how the brain goes through defrag when it is asleep. Then you begin to understand some other things. Think about this, your brain is taking every detail, down to the curve of a leaf on a tree you passed, and re organizing it for best use of space. This has many important connotations, schizophrenia, how we can alter our memories, and much more. The brain looks to build many pathways to this information as it cross references it with everything else you have in your brain. This is why our dreams can be so crazy and through statistic our defrag sleep session called “Dreams” can even randomly predict future events. It happens when you take that much info and cross-reference it that much, and factor in daily routine (including watching the news or television…this leads to disaster predictions). It is not some 7th sense (The sixth is the pheromone sensory organ believed to be located in your nose), it’s just large numbers, statistics, and other fun probability math stuff. We are not psychic, just lucky sometimes.

This coupled with the way our senses become linked to memory. Our brain uses many linking methods to help draw upon stored memory. As you age those become corrupted. So an individual may be unresponsive to certain attempts yet seem to snap out of it when other attempts are tried. While I am on the subject drugs, which become important pertaining to prison experiments with this, also can damage the linked pathways to memory leading to an unresponsive individual (they seem to be just a violent dumb brute, yet are much more intelligent and have a much wider range of reactions….really why hasn’t a scientist seen that many drug using prisoners act much the same as an angry old man in a retirement home suffering from Alzheimer’s? Sometimes when we damage ourselves into a vegetative state our default reaction to all things can be unexplainable anger. Much like the Alzheimer’s patient.

Memory triggers are strong and often our brain has a pre-developed response mapped out, emotions and all. Thus the right music or cell phone ring brings up a particular emotional response, relevant memories, a particular planned speech or scripted (in the brain) subject matter. It’s basic to many things in our lives such as communication, and survival. Smell is a strong one, so maybe combine therapy with strong familiar smells to get quicker reactions.

Of course music has rhythm and its rhythmic beats have all sorts of psychological effects. The music could be adjusted to get the desired reaction or behavior out of coma victims, retirement home residents and prison inmates. If you tailor the music selected to fit a style and time period they like, then select beats and rhythm based off of that genre you would get an even stronger, faster response.

Look at the way Old people in Japan respond to the morning exercises, when they come over the radio. Look at children when the final bell rings and school is out Drunks and the way they respond to each different song in a club. We see the applications of this in many ways. There is a european highway rigged to play music as you drive and driving at an incorrect speed or inconstant speed causes it to go off-key. The experiment on this stretch of highway has shown to improve driving and reduce accidents. Music has even been used to lay siege to hostage situations and thus save lives.

So, if you find yourself seeing zombies, or perhaps being one yourself, try music. Get those zombie coma victims to wake, those zombie prisoners to think, and those zombie retirement home victims to act nice and happy just long enough to make those who dumped them their feel good about their decision.

Now if you like the video and are not one to only check on your retirement home victim once every couple of months, then here is a trick to get your favorite old relative back to their good old self. Start with the music. Then talk to them about the music. Then slowly topics less and less related. Soon they will be able to talk about anything as their old self. If you diverge from the topic that simulated them too fast then their brain wont find the pathway and they will become a vegetable again, or angry as they get confused. Take it slow at first and it will wake up their brain and as you slowly go away from the topic their brain will adjust by opening up much more information, till eventually it recognizes that full access is needed and that’s when your relative will bring up off topic interesting things to talk about. After you leave they may revert. It is a type of therapy and the more you do it the longer their brain will stay active. If you don’t visit everyday be prepared to start the process anew each time. Things that make them think like, games shows, learning or history programs, crosswords and wordfinds will also help keep their brain active so be sure to give them these activities to do while you are gone. Bright natural light and plenty of fruit also help the brain become more active. Fruit can be harsh on the elderly person’s digestive track so, be careful.

As for the prison inmates….well wouldn’t all you wardens and guards out there like things to go a bit smoother? There is a way in this mess I have written.