Well it is now 330pm 6/17/12. Yesterday 6/16/12 at 430pm some radio stations outside of this area reported that a tornado touched down in the surrounding countryside and took a stroll through town. Oh, the reason radio stations outside the area did the reporting is well…THE POWER WAS F’N OUT! The local stations didn’t even get some generators going to sort of give the citizens a heads up, and no tornado sirens sounded.

I was in town at the time and it was as if the weather was possessed. I was inside a comic book store, that a friend owns, and you could see the street turn into a river and then the glass went white pounded by rain, erasing all outside visibility. Oddball noises that just didn’t belong came, as the wind turned every crack and opening and gap in the building, its doors, and windows into a musical instrument of loonacy.

Downed power lines all over town ment that even out in the country power was a no go. Stop signs were set up in front of traffic lights and I had to move a few road cones to get around. I saw a few house roofs caved in and some campers smashed. Some shattered storefront windows as well, like the biggest window at the store next to the one I was trapped in.

One road cone incident was especially memorable. A family of meth heads sporting some great meth face that would have made George Romero proud (They looked like zombies Jim), was sitting outside their run down lab…I mean house and screaming at the traffic you can’t move the cones we will call the cops on you. I thought for a second and it occured to me that they were happy to be able to report people to the police for once and not be on the reported end. I quickly surveyed the area and figured out that they had taken the road cones from another street with a downed power line and placed them there, where nothing was wrong, simply to have an exscuse to threaten and scare people. Of course I laughed my ass off and moved the cones, after which I waved everyone stuck behind them to come on through, then hoping into the vehicle I was a passenger of and taking off as well.

On one road, a guy with a lift kit on his truck was waiting in a nearby alley and then rushing out at top speed when cars tried to make it through the water. The effect he desired being achieved almost every time. What effect?…well it flooded those lower sitting cars and left them stranded.

Houses with downed poerlines, smashed roofs, and children were being ignored by the power company, other than road cones being placed to keep help from getting to them. I thought this was a bit odd so incouraged some extra driving out of one of the rides I got. Quickly saw that the power companies trucks were in the yards of lawyers and Judges cleaning up downed sticks…not even limbs in some cases. See this kind of stuff is only to be removed by the power company if it is in danger of touching a power line…Being their front yards and far from powerlines, any paper boy who mows lawns in the summer for extra cash could have done this. Still being a rich part of town (with power on at the time) and the yards of lawyers and Judges, you bet the power company would put their landscaping ahead of childrens lives. Try to say anything and of course the power company will claim it was ensuring that limbs didn’t take out more powerlines…how? by levetating into the F***ing and forming some sort of giogantic, Gojira-sized, stick golem, or ENT and going on a anti electricity rampage?

I am sure some of those houses (the ones getting cones not service) had people in them with breathing machines, or kidney dialysis machines…

At the place where I am staying a tree sized limb hit the roof and dented it in, and did the same to a parked car.  I spent most of today removing tree limbs from the property I am staying at. One limb hit the ground over night and speared the wet earth, standing straight up like a tree that had just teleported in. Another tree was coated in poison ivy, I currently itch all over but am showing no red spots.