The band name is a bit silly, but it is one SERIOUS album. Satori by Flower Travellin’ Band is one amazing album. definitely should be a part of everyone’s collection.

I first came across this wonderful album while watching the crazed Miike masterpiece Deadly Outlaw Rekka. A standard Miike Yakuza flik (standard and Miike are like LSD and church, but if you follow his works you know what I am saying), Deadly Outlaw Rekka, starring Riki Takeuchi (if you don’t know him you don’t know modern Yakuza cinema) and Sonny Shinichi Chiba (bad ass among baddass legends), has raw anger taken to an extreme mixed with equal parts WorkTimeFun! Even a rocket powered grenade that takes down an entire skyscraper. What really caught my attention and stood out, even over the salivating-savagery and grab-you-by-the-retna’s action even more so than all of that, was the soundtrack. It gave the impression of one massive and amazing song.

Well the impression wasn’t far off. The album/song has been in my collection for some time now and I am surprised that it took me song long to write this. It is a five-part song and their first studio album. The album is flawless other than the seemingly out-of-order placement of the fifth track. The fifth tracks lyrics and instrumentals do fit the album, it just feels in the wrong place.

Two of the bands members do make appearances in Deadly Outlaw Rekka. Lead singer (and Harmonica) Joe Yamanaka makes an appearance, dreads and all, as well as the bands producer Yuya Uchida (and backup vocals, percussion). The lead singers role is executed flawlessly.

Since the movie they have become come back together and done some recording and tours. What happened between the album Satori and the movie that deprived us of this amazing band? Well this band started out with influences from British and mostly American music. Yuya Uchida was a friend of John Lennon and had met with Jimi Hendrix and Cream. They were trying to introduce a sound, similar to America’s music, to Japan. They covered a lot of other music and finally in 1971 dropped Satori on an unsuspecting world.

They had a tour ready that would have changed the face of music. Then a snag hit. The were scheduled to tour with Mick Jagger and his visa got rejected. The entire tour was cancelled and Flower Travellin’ Band disappeared back into Japanese borders. From there they slowly faded into obscurity.

Since Deadly Outlaw Rekka they made a comeback. In 2011 Joe Yamanaka died of lung cancer.

The bands sound was amazing and I can’t get enough of this album. I have it on mp3 and CD and hope to get it on vinyl. The CDs artwork is exquisite. Track two is my favorite part of the song.  Great stuff.