A picture of me taken earlier today.

Yeah those are wooden sandals. Deal with it.

Two nearby fields.


A closer look at my toes.

Yep, pedicure with art. Hm, sit for half an hour in a massage chair while your feet get to soak in a whirpool. Then an attractive asian woman sits down infront of you and plays with your feet and lower legs while smilling up at you. They shave the dead skin of which leaves your feet feeling like you had been walking all day in the heat and just sat down and put your feet in a cold stream. Then they ask you in a thick asian accent if you want to have them put art on your toenails…WHY WOULDN’T I WANT AN ATTRACTIVE ASIAN WOMAN
BETWEEN MY LEGS SMILING UP AT ME FOR ANOTHER 15 MINUTES?!? By the end of it you feel great and you have tiny asian works of art on your toes. Why doesn’t everyone get pedicures?