Okay, this one takes just a bit of before hand planning. Get two pee cups from a doctors office. I would hope unused. Then when it is time to go to the doctor for a urine analysis you fill both with warm (slightly hot as they will cool on the way) chicken broth. Hide them. Go to the restroom and fill the cup they give you upon arrival with the proper bodily fluid. Hide it. Take out one of the chicken broth cups and turn that in. Then while sitting and waiting for the doctor, in front of the rest of the waiting room, take out the other chicken broth cup and begin to noisily slurp it. Try to finish it before the urine (chicken broth) you gave the nurse is identified as false urine. Sit there looking very content when you have finished slurping the second chicken broth and thrown the cup away. When the nurse calls you to the counter about the fake urine say “Oh I must have gotten them mixed up and pull out the real urine sample and give it to him/her.