Just a quick post of some simple thoughts.

Third world countries. Simply look at the state of them. Why are they that way? Look past our constantly destabilizing their governments and so on. Why aren’t there any great people rising up in them to change things. Well, it is simple really. We steal them all. He you doctors and scientists don’t stay there and help your people come here and be rich and successful and make your family happy, if you don’t we will bomb you… Think about it, no really think, whats your doctors name? how about the doctors surrounding him/her? yeah you see it… huh huh?


Really, Lets just burn them all down.

No I mean it in the name of Christianity the time of churches is at an end. They, like priests are outdated. Churches a place to gather if you can’t read so that a priest who can read may relay God’s word to you. Before that they would be things like crypts cause, well, they were kind of being hunted and used as lion food. Now most of us can read and are willing to help those who can’t. Priests useless. Churches, well they don’t let you come as you are and be yourself and worship as a christian interpreting the bible for yourself. Its come in your best clothes, believe a certain way and don’t question and make huge donations and put anyone down who donates a penny less, or can’t sing well, or doesn’t dress as nice. Don’t give anything to the needy, say you might if they attend some services. BURN THOSE F***ING UNHOLY FALSE TEMPLES! GOD MADE YOUR BODY HIS TEMPLE! WORSHIP IN THE GARDEN OF NATURE THAT HE BUILT FOR YOU! COME DRESSED AS YOU NORMALLY DO AND INTERPRET GOD’S WORD FOR YOURSELF! BELIEVE! DON’T JUDGE YOUR FELLOWS LEAVE THAT TO GOD! IF IT RAINS JUST TURN IT INTO A MASS BAPTISM AND DON’T CALL THAT GLORIUS RIGHTEOUS CORRECTLY DONE SERMON ON ACOUNT OF RAIN! IF HE DOESN’T WANT A PARTICULAR CHURCH BURNT THEN HE WILL PUT IT OUT WITH RAIN!


you are an adult (if not you shouldnt be reading this) and make your own choices, doing that which is discussed here will get you arressted and could get people killed. Huge property lawsuit at the least.