YouTube Advertising Bombing in Japan! Published by TheJapanChannelDcom

It is worth it. Heck, watch it before you read any further. It is an interesting video and leads me to question how much more we can take before we all become ADHD victims of advertising. Still, these ideas work and could make companies a lot of money. The economy is tough right now. This post could get you recognized and remembered over any and all competition…could (doesn’t mean it will).

We already have ads in schools, buses, trains, waiting areas for all of these. This video gave me some ideas. See in this video a plane flies around blasting an ad. In some areas during sporting events blimps show ads. Some planes have fliers (big wavy flaglike ads) behind them. Vans drive down streets campaigning political officials. Restroom walls and car windshields and telephone poles all become coated in single paper ads. Billboards even scar and hide our beautiful landscape. YouTube even plays ads.

Here are some ideas. I got thinking a bit of what could also be used. I could come up with more, I am sure.

Well first… This is actually a comment someone made. I figured it was a good lead into my ideas and I did respond to the comment.

“I want to live in a world where millions of these planes are endlessly flying over every hotel, apartment, suburb, slum, and ghetto in the entire world, until everyone knows about every product that they can’t live without.”  -posted on YouTube as a comment by LimmingKenny (used here without permission)

To which I responded:

It (advertising) should also be projected onto clouds. In elevators would be another good place for ads, thats an untapped market. A business could charge companies to play ads in their elevators. Captive audience. Public restrooms (speakers playing ads and posters) too. Posters spray painted onto parking spaces. Water fountains that play (audio) ads when you turn the water on. Toilet paper ads (actually on the paper, maybe coupons too). Crosswalks that play ads when it is time to wait (it lights up don’t walk and the ad plays at you) would save the blind. Must think of more.

That was my reply.

Since then, I have also thought of dyeing pet’s fur with ads or shaving ads into their fur or just putting an ad vest or sweater on them everytime you walk them. What about ads made in the form of colored ice on the skating rinks and frozen ponds in winter?

I have heard of people putting ads on their cars and getting tattoos that were sold as adspace. Maybe farmes could plant/harvest their crops to make add patterns so plane traffic can see the ads from the air (rooftop ads too?). We already see logos in the bottom right corner of our favorite shows (advertising the station) and banners scroll across the top advertising whats on next as well as during the end credits. Why not these banners across the top and bottom of our shows all the time? Surely the moon isn’t far off from being turned into a nightly billboard.

So, readers, what other untapped advertising space can you think of?