First I must mention where I picked up this masterpiece. I got it at Family Video. No building sheltering this movie behind its walls should ever be allowed to place the word “Family” on itself and especially not in such large letters.

Was there any peeing…Not that I can remember. X-ray shots of the digestive track, or an inside body cam (House does it every couple of episodes with some tastefully done CGI)? Nope, not in this film. Yes, I did say in the Human Centipede post that the sequel should not hold back. That the sequel should at least include these things.

I also asked for some other things. Which the sequel so exquisitely delivered. The sequel had liquid oozing from the freshly stitched holes as the person fought the act of defecation. It did appear that people within the centipede were regurgitating (or trying to anyway) and the first defecation did end in someone (who was watching) vomiting uncontrollably.

So, did it need the things it was missing? Not at all. It does absolutely fine without those things and adds in plenty more to make for a film that lives up to everything the first one should have been and way more than most sequels pull off.

It did not stop at giving us fans these few simple requests. It went above and beyond the call of duty. A complete readjustment into more than the fans could ever hope for. While I was not really a fan of the first movie I am now a raving fan of this series. The first movie can be the polite bible thumping aunt and this movie is the madness kept in the attic.

The film is right away different. It is in black and white. This may disappoint some. I happen to love black and white cinema (especially samurai movies in black and white. Samurai Spy is simply amazing). I also caught the hint it was delivering, this black and white foreshadows your only thin layer of protection. That black and white is a thin, no, an ultra thin condom about to burst. It won’t separate you and protect you from the reality of this film.

The audio is quickly recognizable as done by a sound technician that knows how to use sound. The audio gets into your mind and fills all the color in for you in detail you wish you didn’t discover. The grumbling of stomaches, the retching and coughing, the gurgling and every single other noise makes the movie so ridiculously real. It breaks right through your safe zone and uses the power of sound to force you the viewer to recall similar disgusting and painful gastronomic disasters and physical accidents (you hear the flesh slice). You can not close or cover your eyes to escape this film, that will only help the sickening audio do its dirty work on you.

The movie starts off fairly well. Good character development with interesting quirks. The main character’s looks alone are so odd that you should be glued to the screen. It does quickly fall into the recent trend of offensive and shocking behavior trying to nip at social taboos. This has been so over done in so many films since The Devils Rejects that it becomes obvious what is going on. It is a cop-out, trying to offend and shock so that it gets some critics raving, but never really goes any further, never really delivers on the check it is writing. This isn’t always bad as it can show that the director is not afraid to remove your comfort zone (if it goes somewhere and doesn’t stop short, with some simply offensive material), that nothing is sacred or safe. If done properly this gives the later parts of the film extra credibility and puts more power behind the right hook (boxing pun crossed with plot hook innuendo, too confusing, my writing has gone to the toilet). Human Centipede 2 puts all of the cheap shock nipping at your comfort zone to good use. It sets you up perfectly to be flushed into the extreme horror of the situation the victims are helpless to stop.

This film takes the scenarios of the previous (film) and puts a raw disturbing wake up call on them. Wonder why no one just painfully ripped free of the torture in the first film? Well this film they do it and scream and vomit and everything else you would expect to happen after they rip free. This film exceeded my expectations and made up for all the shortcomings of the previous film. WATCH IT! NO BUY IT THEN WATCH IT!


I am still undecided as to whether this film is to be a solo experience on the first viewing (just you a can of chilli and this film) or a group experience with everyone eating chilli with beans and drinking chocolate shakes. It warrants many viewings. It demands eventual group participation in its viewing. I am very glad to have this film in my collection.