The worms are coming and nothing can stop them, but there is a way to buy time. Am I talking about your eventual death and transformation into a worms buffet? I have no clue. See it is something I have been told since I was little. My mother, church and even a crazy random non-sequitur from a shaman I knew (maybe not a total Non-seq but close enough).

Crazy things Shamans say. I had said the word crazy while hanging out with my shaman friend; may have been camping can’t remember. He straightened his posture, his face went blank as he looked off into nothingness and said “Crazy, I was crazy once. Here come the worms.”

Church, the bible, and bookworms. It is all there somewhere. Something about the worm of sin. Sinners dying and becoming worms or having a worm grow in them. A comet named wormwood. Shouldn’t be hard to find what I am talking about.

Mother, explain the worms? She never has and I have asked. She kind of gives a reason for a crazy behavior, but won’t really explain what the worms are, what they look like, if she has ever seen one, and why of all things Bay Leaves repell them. I know wormwood  (The Herb) was thought to expell parasitic worms from one’s body. Ev er since I was little my mom has been buying vast quantities of Bay Leaves. She puts them in every drawer and cuboard, even closets. She puts them with food that is being stored as well, the only thing leading me to believe that these “WORMS” may be real. When asked “what is the deal with the bay leaves?” She responds in various ways like “The worms are coming”, “You have to put out Bay Leaves or the worms will come”, “Its to ward off the worms”, “If I stop putting bay leaves everywhere then we will have worms”, “We need more bay leaves.”

Anyone know anything about these worms? Is my mother charged with holding off a wormpocolypse by sacrificing vast amounts of Bay Leaves to some Lovecraftian Deity of the dark places? What do these worms even look like? Does anyone elses family do this?