This idea will at least get you arrested. If you try it that’s your fault. Court costs, jail time, and fines are the least you should expect.

MINECRAFT, why stop when you log off? So far I have thought of family x-mas parties, peoples birthdays, grocery stores, and shoe stores. Lets break it down.

  1. Think square and think where
  2. go to the place and walk around for a bit plotting your project
  3. begin stacking squares while thinking of gamer lingo
  4. get ready to run while saying something clever
  5. if you finish uninterupted take a pic and post it, youtube it, and share and dare others to beat your mammoth structure
  6. if you get caught run saying funny gamer phrases so other complete your work when the coast clears
  7. if you cant run struggle to get all employees eyes on you and dealing with you while spouting gamer lingo
  8. final step if you hear people yelling gamer lingo in public look around for boxes, there is a structure for you too complete

We all know someone who plays minecraft. If you think you don’t then ask around and you will find out otherwise. Really though, its kinda boring and you can shut off monsters so there is no challenge.

It is time to change that and appeal to a wider audience.

  • First there is the Cool guy that sets the trend. This is the first person to discover the game and he/she will go out into the real world with at least one friend who plays minecraft.
  • Second the advertiser. This person gets brought along and sucked in with no warning.
  • Third the challenge. Pictures sent through phones, placed on the net, and put in youtube videos to dare others to top your greatness.

So, you planned it out and for whatever reason didn’t do your build. Grab a friend or thirty. Hit the store or whatever. Begin your build and look at one of them and impatiently say (as if it is the most important thing you have ever said) “Hurry up man! I forgot to turn monsters off and I am goin for an achievement here!”  Once your well into your project and all your tag alongs are helping and giggling you whisper “stupid patch made all the monsters look like store employees so keep your eyes peeled.”

When you finish of course you take a pic and slap that pic all over the net titled MineCraft Team Build. On the way out of the mall inform your friends of all the fun. Tell them to try their own builds and see who can do the best. Let them know to shout gamer stuff if they get caught so others will try to finish the build while they run or get dragged off the premesis, and let them know to keep their ears peeled for such shouting cause that means there is an easy build near which can score them a quick pic for bragging rights.

Stuff to say suggestions:

  • (to employee) What are you doing here? I always turn monsters off so I can build uninterupted!
  • Can’t you see I am trying for an achievement here?

Well, lets see if this catches on…

and the jails shall overflow with NERDS!