Running on no sleep for a few days and nights I found myself on a long drive in someone else’s car. I had been pounding energy drinks all day and was doing fine. Still I had to make sure that sleep did not creep up on my.

One little extra bit of insurance I put into my efforts was a double solution. Two birds by one stone, so to speak. I was popping these painkillers that were loaded with caffeine. The painkiller portion was great for the headache I had from lack of sleep. The caffeine was just another thing insuring that I did not fall asleep on my drive.

I was down to three pills. It was suggested from the information to not take more than one an hour at the most. So, I was hitting one about every 45 minutes. Popped one. Two left. 45 minutes later I pop another… 20 minutes later i find a random pill next to the shifter… hmm “Must have dropped the last one” I though to myself. To make sure I did not lose it I decided to take it right away. Shortly after my stomach was in intense pain and I felt a bit strange. The previous pills had not done this. “Must have over done it on the pills”, I thought to myself.

After some time passed I noticed that I had left my coat pocket open. The one I had been keeping the pills in. I decided to close it and as my hand reached the button I paused. “I am running on energy drink auto pilot here…better check my pocket and make sure I did’nt lose anything else out of it”, I thought. My hand did a quick probing sweep of the pocket. A chill ran down my spine. My fingers hit a pill.

All I could think was “If this is the last of the painkillers….then what exactly…was that other pill I just took…?”