It was Saturday 6/23 and I had intended to make one or two videos for YouTube and upload them. This was my intent. It did not go as planned. In fact, as I write this almost 3 days later, I am still trying to post the videos.

First the connection to the net was bad. Slow connection lead to lots of time with nothing to do. I suddenly noticed bunnies outside and took a video of that. Then as I was still uploading I began to notice so many things that would make for interesting videos. Recently I have been getting a lot of views on videos about things I have purchased or found and just happened to be surrounded by things that inspired similar videos. A lot of these things have interesting uses or stories behind them.

This lead to me making many more videos. Then the net quit working as a rather severe storm rolled in. This lead to two storm videos. So, a little bad luck and my plans getting a wrench thrown into them did not even phase me. I immediately saw the good in each situation and turned right around and made videos. I took a bad situation and made it into something better than if the bad situation had not happened.

It was so strange to be hit by so much inspiration. I did not even feel down or have time to think “well that is no good I was going to load a video”, instead it was just “Net seems slo… HEY THAT WOULD MAKE A GOOD VIDEO!” Today even, the bunnies returned and made for two more videos, while I was waiting for other videos to upload.

It is kind of nice when things like this happen.