Goodwill stores are really interesting. Lately I have been finding the most interesting things in the local Goodwill. The prices are usually very low. The Local Goodwill is much cleaner than the local Salvation Army, and the employees are better as well.

Lately I have been finding many nice Japanese things in the Local Goodwill. By researching a ceramic piece I found there I have deduced that there is a local family whom had a member stationed near or in Fukuoka Japan, during the Korean war. Most of the pieces I was finding at first had a general matching-color-scheme that lead me to believe they were all from this family. Lately I have been finding pieces that would not match well, so now I think that there may be other families whom may have visited Japan, or are Japanese, in the local community here.

Many of my finds at the local Goodwill store have made for interesting videos on my YouTube channel and caused my views, likes, and subscriptions to spike in activity lately. This recent surge has lead to many trips to the local Goodwill.

Todays Goodwill trip had me find five items that would have made for good videos. I did not purchase them however. Todays trip was so very odd that I avoided purchasing anything. The radio quit playing over the store speakers, then it started again. It is when it started again that things got strange. It was blaring a mixture of white noise and haunting eerie noises.

It made me think of the movie “Silent Hill”. I suddenly felt fatigued. Everything ached. It seemed hard to stand up straight, so I began to slouch. Everything felt and looked very dismal and depressing. I began wondering how many people had been foreclosed on and donated things they loved, or had to get rid of things that they really liked, for other reasons.

No one else seemed to notice the creepy change in the radio. The air even seemed heavy and hard to breath all of the sudden. Countless green glassware items suddenly made me crave absinthe. I began to wonder how many people were there because they were struggling to get by and could afford no better. How many would be returning to sell what they purchased later, when they lost everything and ended up homeless? The lighting seemed to dim.

After I got out of the store and away from that radio noise, my day got much better. All in all it was not a bad day. I really enjoy that Goodwill store and will definitely be going back many times. It is just so very weird how much background noise can affect someone.