The economy still isn’t fully recovered. Many jobless, have been, for so long that they are no longer counted as unemployed. Having fallen through the cracks and been forgotten, since they are no longer eligible for unemployment, exactly what do they face?

Everything is online now. If you go into a business to apply you will not get the job. You need to pay for a membership to a job website. After joining you then have to accept and pay for no less than three special offers, some of which involve a self renewing bill. You give out all of your personal information and that of your previous jobs as well as no less than three work related references and three friends and family type references. They will also be added to various marketing lists.

It doesn’t stop there. Not only are you now receiving countless emails, telemarketing calls, and letters in the mail, but you are going to go through a lot more. A credit check for every single job you apply to will put enough marks on your credit to ensure that you never recover. When you apply you will have to sign up on that specific company’s website too and if you do not accept offers or purchase something, then your resume will not be as appealing. When you turn in your resume you will probably be asked to purchase the proper uniforms and tools needed for the job. Just incase you get hired and it makes you look more appealing that the person who didn’t purchase these things.

Once a month, if you have not been hired on through the job website you chose, you have to sign up for more offers and buy more things, as the reason you were not hired is most likely due to not having these things or not being signed up for them. This includes paying for continued education courses through the site, paying for work classes like resume building and math tests to prove you can do math at a level required by jobs.

The only people you actually get to speak to are over the phone and trying to sell you something. Your information is also being sold to a wide variety of businesses for all manner of reasons, other than getting you a job. The local unemployment office, which has most likely moved to a location outside of town and hidden within another business (that will demand you buy things if you enter their building to get to the unemployment office, or demand you sign up for expensive classes), will simply admit that they have very few ways to actually help you, show you jobs, or really do anything for you other than give you a list of Job finding websites to sign up on. The employees there will not stop the screaming children, or get anyone to lower their voices so you can think. They also know less about computers or finding jobs than a garden potato.

It is at this point that someone on the job market will come to a few realizations. The unemployment office workers were in the same boat as you; however they made it to the unemployment office portion of the building in time to snag a job with the unemployment office. You are poor because you have no job, you have no job because you can not afford the massive costs of finding one in this new age. The job search sites are all scams and not only will you now forever be in debt, you are also now simultaneously 187 different people across the world with your exact information. The other 186 are not unemployed and have no financial problems thanks to the loans and credit cards they are getting in your name. The plus side, they will be okay. That’s right, once your credit is no longer accepted by the shadiest places that you would never go (but the other 186 had no qualms about), the other 186 of you (that strangely came into existence the minute you finished giving your personal info to that job website) will simply use your personal info for passports and fake I.D.s to commit all sorts of money making crimes… like drug smuggling and kidnapping.

By signing up for the Job Website machine you may have sealed your fate to that of a penniless-starving-wretch, but you have made sure that 186 people can live like kings in your name. They might even get a degree if you somehow complete the courses the Job Website forced you into. Now remember, the news reports that unemployment is shrinking and the economy recovering. They report this because you are no longer eligible for unemployment benefits and thus no longer count as unemployed. Being broke and jobless long enough means that, even though you can’t eat, you have done your part to help America’s economy by dropping off the unemployed list and making it look as though less people are now unemployed. Thank you, America appreciates your hard work… what with starving and all. GOOD JOB!