Found this at a college in Grinnel Iowa. From what I learned it is there because an exchange student that went from Grinnel to India was murdered while in India. This was set up in memory of that student.

The lighting was a bit low and shadowy in the area. Also, it was a bit hard to breath around the shrine, as in a shortness of breath hit me upon approaching it. I assume the shortness of breath was due to a pressure and temperature change and the odd dipping shape of the shrines surroundings compared to the rest of the campus grounds. It was very quiet. College was in session and some bars were still open, so I expected to hear, or see people. I only saw two other people besides those that I was with.

From the offerings around the shrine I would guess that it is fairly popular and gets a lot of visits. The statuette is of Ganesh. The offerings were things ranging from a feather to a painted fingernail.