Cargo Cult. I can’t even begin to explain. Well, maybe I can… and will. Still, you had better open another tab in your browser and look it up on your favorite search engine. If not, you may think that I am making it up.

You are on some island. You live a peaceful life. Occasionally bad things may happen. They aren’t really that bad though. More good times than bad really.

Then the white devil messes it all up. A giant flying bird making a horrific noise comes down from the sky and strangely dressed ghost people get out. They have sharp sticks that they balance on their shoulders and giant squares of wood that they call CARGO. The sticks on their shoulders are half metal and half wood. These sticks call thunder from out of nowhere and cause people and animals to drop dead. The Cargo is full of food. They take a bunch of stupid worthless things you just don’t really care about and give you plenty of Cargo. The fools, you surely came out ahead.

Wait though… thundersticks, giant metal birds, odd clothes, ghost skin, CARGO. Maybe these beings from the sky aren’t people. Maybe they are gods… After they leave, a drought hits, and famine, followed by a plague, and then a damn tidal wave and hurricane. Quickly, create a stretch of flat land for their metal bird. Make a metal bird out of wood and place at the end to see if it appears enough like a mate to attract the giant metal bird of the gods. Now tattoo and paint the letters from the metal birds tail onto yourself and fellow villagers. Next put sticks on your shoulders and march like the gods did on the flat path. Maybe this ritual that emulates them will summon them. Maybe they will bring CARGO.

There, that about sums up what a Cargo Cult is and how it comes into existence. Ah, you didn’t go search it out. Well, I did warn you. Okay open a new tab and come back when you have verified that I am not making it up.

Welcome back. So here is the part that brought about this post. I have heard that some Cargo Cults resort to sacrifices and even cannibalism.

Its that cannibalism part that gave me a thought. Have there ever been any Cargo Cults that thought -> Light skinned people taste better. Make runway path and fake bird decoy. They march like them and see if it brings the big metal turkey bearing tasty white meat for the cannibals to eat….