Hey, yes you, come here for a second. I am about to share a secret with you. A way to get awesome stuff. It is really weird too.

No seriously listen. How many times have you opened a soda pop and seen some weird gibberish that mixed letters with numbers and said nothing and solved no math equations? Yeah a lot right. Me too. Ever stop to figure out what that gibberish is? Most haven’t. The few that have find out its some sort of alternate currency the soda pop companies use.

The next logical thought is generally “oh forget that, I don’t want to have to go through hell just to enter those silly codes only to get 1 point towards the 50,000 it would take to get some worthless thing that will just fall apart… and then get flooded with email spam from them.” Me, being crazy… or batshit crazy according to some, decided to try those codes. I went with Coca-Cola. Their site is called MyCokeRewards.

Turns out those points build up ridiculously fast. Even just blindly entering them. If you pay attention and enter them at the right times then they can be worth a lot more. I saved up enough for some weird ridiculously cool item, that I didn’t even know existed till I found their site, and got it. It didn’t fall apart. It is actually very sturdy. Works great. Top of the line really.

I tell you those little caps are awesome. Most people just throw them away. Now you don’t have to go digging through the garbage. Just save the ones that you drink and if you see a friend about to throw a bottle away say, “wait a second, let me have that cap if you don’t mind?” Also, the inside of the box on 12 and 24 packs has the codes too and they are worth a lot of points.

You would not even believe what all products coke makes. From soda to orange juice to sports drinks. They all have those little codes.

So, my next question is… What cool stuff have you gotten from MyCokeRewards? I got these super sweet digital video recording binoculars.