So, its been a rough day with large helpings of problems and stress. The portions of hope are insufficient. It was winding to a close though.

I sat down ready to obsessively watch the YouTube videos of one of my subscribers. Much like some sort of perv looking through a window I was going to be viewing someone else’s life. Isn’t YouTube great?

Just as I finally find a relaxing position in the chair, in the basement where I am staying… as I slouch and slide my spine turning to jelly and my body a formless blob in front of an idiot screen with a slow connection…

It happened.

It happened fast.

It did not fully register till it was over.

Something ran across my left foot. Something big. Some big basement thing. I am supposed to be the only creepy basement thing here. I have sprayed enough poisons and spread enough boric acid dust that I shouldn’t even be alive down here.

It was at least as big as a small mouse. Or… it may have been a HUGE bug or insect. It was fast. Although it did pause on my foot for a second. My brain said “oh something is on my foot, oh well.” Then once it was gone my brain reeled in terror screaming “OH GOD WHAT WAS ON MY FOOT IT WAS HUGE!”

I won’t be sleeping tonight. It may be time to spray more poisons. Those always leave me really sick for three straight days. Similar to what the Head-melty-Nazi in that Indiana Jones movie must have felt. Lost arc of melt Nazis or whatever it was called. CRAP! Now I have the Indiana Jones theme song stuck in my head. There goes the rest of the week.