There are six senses. I am minus another. The others work, sort of. It is just that they work so poorly that its…

Sight: mines poorer than ever. I Have no depth perception and everything gets blurrier each month. My glasses are scratched to hell.

Hearing:mine was excellent. A few concerts later, and many old persons having their televisions up beyond reason, and my hearing is below average now.

Smell: my allergies prevent it from working most of the time. This also affects my sense of taste.

Touch: my allergies, if that’s the only thing doing it, have me half numb and everything feels fake as if in a dream.

Taste: mine is already poor from my nose not working most of the time. Today it would leave me altogether and inspire this poorly written post.

Pheromone sensory: no the sixth isn’t some weird psychic stuff. It is believed to be located in our nose somewhere (the pheromone sensory organ). Like taste it is somewhat connected to smell. It registers chemical and magnetic signals connected to emotion and most often released in things like sweat and sexual fluids. Maybe this is why I can never tell when a woman is flirting with me, mine must be defective.

There was a large machine with many flashing lights at the end of the road. My coffee was brewing and my tea heating up. The buffalo chicken sandwich I was cooking was almost done. All I could think was I need to get down that road in a few minutes. I do not trust the gas gauge on the vehicle I will be using and do not think that I have enough gas to go the long way around and still make it everywhere this week.

Then came the flood of everything going on lately. My mind was overflowing with problems. Still I finished cooking the sandwich and put it together. I put one ice cube into my coffee and two into my tea so that I would not be late.

I took the seven pills it takes lately to wake up with my coffee and chugged what remained of the cup of coffee. It takes even more to sleep lately, and I still wake up a lot and do not get as much sleep as I would like. I picked up the sandwich and thought of how my meals have been mostly Ramen lately. Almost every meal.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Ramen, but its been almost every meal. Two things happen when you eat almost nothing but Ramen. You lose weight fast as it doesn’t have much too it (ran out of vegetables to add to it long ago), and you quit eating when you have cravings, only to eat when you are really hungry. Sometimes I seem to get full half way through the bowl of Ramen. I have had to add yet another new hole to my belt, so my shorts quit falling down.

I looked at the sandwich and thought “this is going to be great.”, and “I wont be eating like this often.” I sank my teeth in. Began to chew, almost grinning. The first thing I noticed was that I could not taste anything. Absolutely no flavor at all. I could feel it (although numbed) moving around as I chewed, but no flavor. Then my appetite was suddenly and immediately gone.

I finished about half of the sandwich and was on my way, minus a sense… and if you take into account how little the others work and add it all up its like I am missing more than one sense really. Things are getting less real all of the time.

I hear from friends less and less. My pen pal and I talk less than ever. Our communication seems to be at an all time low. I wont even talk about … well, point is its all less real.