This is a very rough draft
I need to make a proper intro
It is a mix of thoughts and conversations
The intent is to put a stop to a new racist term
Please keep this in mind and help me mold this into something good

currenlty the term wapanese is listed in the racial slur registry
(this thing I found on a random internet website).
Weaboo is not listed.
It needs listed and a small written piece about the term and how
internet memes can lend fuel to dangerous racism, posted in the
National Civil Rights Museum.
People need to see that the fight against hate is on going and
that as new technologies occur so do new ways for hate to spread
if left unchecked.

Weaboo -its an indirect black listing an attack by proxy designed
to remove allies and create ostratization. Make a people seem
weird and awkward and create a hate associated with them. To get
everyone to stop associating with them and thus segregate them.

You never know what is going to offend people and he probably had
no idea just how bad the terms use has gotten and just what it
has gone on to mean. Still, the website that decided to take every
instance of the word “Wapanese” and replace it with “Weaboo” had
to know that this still leaves all the words around it saying the
same derogatory, hate filled, racist crap and thus would just make
Weaboo a new racist term. It didn’t take long either.

They should have taken a second and thought. Tried reading after
replacing with the new word and seeing if it somehow magically made
all the other words around it morph into something else. It
obviously doesn’t and thus creates a second bad word. If it were
something like some silly science fiction show replacing the “F”
word with Frak then it just seems silly and allows people to watch
things without their children picking up a bad word. Replacing the
“F” word with a silly noise allowed a song to hit it big on the
radio. Yet when you try this with a racist and/or hate filled
derogatory word it still gets its message across, loses all humor,
and just is sick.

Code words for racism don’t take out the racism from the
conversation, they just very quickly become new racist terms that
give racists a few years of being able to say “What I didn’t say
________ I said _____ instead.” We all still know the intent and
get the end result. Its been 9 years. Weaboo is racist. Come up
with a new code word already. Catch up with the times. Better yet,
be lazy and realize that derogatory hate speech that is
intentionally designed to pick on a particular group and discourage
any association with anything to do with that group is wrong and
it is a lot of work to try and disguise it as not being what it is.
Then go somewhere with like minds and stop turning the stomachs
of decent people.

The “W” word is kind of racist. Just because its an internet meme does not make it any less racist.
The internet is a powerful tool for communication and bringing the world together, lets NOT use it
to perpetuate racism and create new racist terms (Yeah the “W” word has been around since 2005
{or whenever} I get that).

I get what you are saying in this video. I get what you were trying to say with your comment here.
Didn’t need the “W” word.

Well, it is a term saying that there is something wrong with liking Japan, the Japanese, or
Japanese culture. It is an attempt to make someone feel uncomfortable, outcast, and wrong for
liking these things. It singles out for bullying someone into these things. It tries to drive
people away from liking these things.

Even if you try to say it is only for those who are obsessed and take it too far it is still
racist. Because where is the line drawn? What stops someone from taking it too far? Why is it
wrong to be obsessed with a foreign culture yet not wrong to be obsessed with their own? What
makes Japanese culture in particular something bad to be obsessed with? Why make it okay to
bully those obsessed with Japan?

Even when one tries to apply the “N” word to just a small portion of people of African descent
and only a small portion that behaves in a particular way (those that choose to live up to a
racist stereotype and only represent a very small minority and in no way the race, that strange
few that racists tend to constantly point to and set as an example) it is still racist. It is
not made any less racist. It has a stigma and negative connotations against a particular race.

You can not use the term without in some way implying that there is something wrong with Japan.
It attaches a negative stigma to Japan. The “W” term sets the stage for all sorts of racism. It
gives racists something to latch on to and use without being immediately seen for the racists
that they are. It gives a huge opportunity to bash those that like Japan so that racists can push
people, and their racist agenda without being immediately recognized for what it is.

Not all people who like Japan are obsessed. Those that are obsessed should not be given a name in
particular (the “w” word) as this is still racist even when just being used on the obsessed. It
can easily lead to larger troubles as well.

I do not believe that R*** is racist. I think that his use of the “W” word was done without
forethought into what troubles it can and does cause and how it is racist. It is not just an
innocent internet meme. Many do not see the racism it leads to.

If you cant figure out what race it is against at this point then you are just trolling, or I can
not properly explain it in a way that clicks with you. If it is the second I apologize. If your
just trollin, well we all seek happiness in our own way I guess.

One final way to look at it. What is the thought process in creating a term like the “W” word?
Something along the lines of really hating a particular people (Those obsessed) and wanting to
give that hatred a name, and/or really hating a particular people (a race or culture) to the point
of wanting to discourage others from liking them and thus creating a negative term for those who
are obsessed with that people and then using it on those who like, respect, or even show the
slightest interest in those people or their culture.

Then again maybe the creation of this term is against archeologists, anthropologists, and cultural
studies professors. Their behavior could certainly be called obsessive and annoying. They force
people to sit and listen as they drone on and on about their obsession. Professors might even give
you a bad grade that could damage your college GPA all because you didn’t pay enough attention to
their obsession to pass a test they forced on you. You may have been required to take their class.
They get paid and have a career because of their obsession. Maybe the “W” word came about because
a lazy student hated his professor and it inspired him to start an internet meme. Who knows.

It is clearly racist. Just like all uses of the “N” word other than explaining its existence are
racist, intent doesn’t change it and there is no real toning it down. Even if you did try every
excuse that is commonly used to justify the “W” word it still leads to racism. When faced with
the long term result always being racism one should just stop its use rather than keep trying to
justify it knowing what the long term result is going to be.

“Practice makes perfect, unless you are practicing the wrong thing.” A famous person once said.

You are missing the fact that it is clearly against the Japanese. It is so racist it tries to
discourage people of other races from having anything to do with Japan. I clearly explained how
it does this. You can argue about your particular intent all day, yet that doesn’t change the end
results of the words use. When you consistently get the same racist end results and know this
then no amount of denial or assertion of alternate intent can change that it is simply racist.

That said the numbers of those whose intent is purely racist when using the word is steadily
growing. People who happen to dislike Japan are flocking to the term and trying to increase its
use whenever possible. The word gets the same long term results whether it is you or these people
who use it.

Racism, stereotyping, and prejudice are three separate things. These things frequently overlap and
in ignorance, excess, or miss use (Stereotyping, Prejudice) can very easily cross over into out
and out racism. Many Racists try to slide racism by and get by with hate by blurring the lines.
Sometimes by directing hate against anyone who shows interest in a particular race they can get
away with extreme prejudice and spread a message of hatred and separation. Blacklisting in a sense.

I explained how it (The “W” word) quickly turns from being directed at someone whom is over
obsessed to the point of questionable mental faculty to directed at some one less obsessed and
this vicious cycle quickly targets any interest in the race, location, culture, and language. Many
racist laws of the past seemed to not directly target a particular race yet led to profiling and
many other sickening acts. Don’t try to split hairs to justify racism please?

This conversation appears to be at its end. You have decided to ignore all of the points that I
made. You have closed your mind.

Weaboo is defined as: A derogatory slur with a strong bias towards Japanese cultural, influence,
and language. A derogatory term used for cultured people, mostly affiliated with Japanese
culture. A negative term directed to anyone overly obsessed with Japanese culture to the point
where they become annoying. Used to describe a person who prefers Japan and all things in
Japanese culture over one’s own culture. An individual of any non-Japanese race obsessed with
Japanese culture, language, entertainment, holidays, food, traditional clothing, mannerisms,
tech., etc.. This term is always used in an overwhelmingly negative sense. Sometimes this term
extends to refer to any interest in, or love for, Japan and anything Japanese (such as sushi),
or even simply for associating with someone who is perceived to be Japanese (that is right for
standing next to someone that a racist perceives to be of Japanese race).
Weeb: a shortened version of the word Weaboo, created for its ease of use requiring less

That is clearly not solely Americans and not solely against acting Japanese. What is so wrong
with the Japanese that you would put negative connotations against acting Japanese and try to
discourage someone from doing so? The Japanese do many things very well.

Perhaps if Americans acted more Japanese they wouldn’t have such high obesity rates, crime
rates, and be so rude and self-centered. Although in truth this is only a stereotypical view
(based on the internet and popular world media) of American’s manners and certainly not true
of all or perhaps even of the majority; however they do have high obesity rates and crime
rates. Was merely trying to make a point by throwing a similar attitude, to the one people
whom use the term Weaboo are showing, back.

Every group has its ups and downs. Its positive and its negative qualities. This includes
both America (particularly the U.S.A. I would guess was the part of America that you were
referring to) and Japan. Weaboo is a racist term that tries to discourage anyone from having
anything to do with Japan or the Japanese. I have explained how it does this (sometimes even
just knowing 10 or more words in Japanese or 5 or more honorifics can get you angrily referred
to as a Weaboo, which means it is even used to discourage learning the language).

You have chosen to ignore all of this in defense of a racist, hate inducing, isolating, bully
term. You have your reasons. I can not change your mind. You do not seem to have a grasp of the
words definition, and/or use. You are defending it using an argument that I already put up a
very good debate disproving. This has moved the debate into a circular format that will repeat

Still, winning this debate is not my goal. Changing your mind is not my goal either. I just
wish that R*** had not used the term (even though I am sure that he meant nothing derogatory by
it… he meant no harm I am sure. ignorance of what this word can do has caused some very good
people to be incorrectly associated with those who commonly say Weaboo). I wish the term
wouldn’t be used at all. Racial slurs, and hate filled remarks designed to stop any association
with a particular race will always exist. It is an unfortunate fact, that can not be helped. It
frustrates me to no end. I just hope that the conversation you and I had going here does in
some way lessen the amount that this vile term gets used. I hope it gets at least a few people
to pause and think twice about using this word.

You say “It’s not against the Japanese, it’s solely against Americans who act Japanese.” By
that thinking it is perfectly okay to stand in the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial/museum
(National Civil Rights Museum), look at the nearest white person and say “N*****-lover!” I
would say that this is not an okay thing. Research the freedom riders. In just one incident
the white people on those busses were singled out called N-lovers and received especially
frenzied beatings from whites who didn’t like that they associated with another race; James
Peck needed 50 stitches in his head. Hating someone for associating with another race, even
if it is just by acting similar to those of that race, is racist. The U.S.A. has a very sad
and haunting past with this sort of thing. You are forgetting that by lashing out at those
who, in your opinion, are acting to much like a certain race and not enough like yours, you are
most certainly being racist against that race even if you try to hide it by being somewhat
indirect. The goal of those whom most commonly use the term Weaboo is racism against the
Japanese. Spreading this racism by directing it at those who “act Japanese” is in no way any
less racist than directly lashing out at the Japanese.

I have been to the National Civil Rights Museum. It is a very haunting place. It left a scar
on me. Its lesson is burnt into my memory. A great man died there. Racism is one of humanities
worst evils.

America, The United States of America, is a melting pot. We blend and ACCEPT multiple cultures
and people. We celebrate a wide variety of holidays from various cultures. We have a cuisine
that is a combination of the worlds tastes. We have taken English and by combining many terms
from other languages and cultures changed the very terms, spelling and usage of the language
enough that books in English directed at a U.S.A. audience sometimes include the words
“Certain British spellings and archaic terms have been amended.” We are so inclusive of the
people and cultures that come to us (The U.S.A.) that we have changed the English language
that we use. We have people of every color and do not associate our national identity with a
particular shade of skin. The term Weaboo goes against the very grain of the united states and
everything that it stands for. I would say “and has fought for”; however the spirit of free
speech is one thing countless soldiers served/died to defend and thus it is in the spirit of
free speech that you can use the term Weaboo. That is the only part of it connected to the
spirit of the United States… its link to free speech. The United States of America has had
some exceptional citizens of Japanese lineage. They are a strong and true ally to us. We have
overlooked and forgiven our troubles with them in the past as they have of us and together we
progress into the future as allies.

It saddens me that such a word, as Weaboo, even exists.

The soviets are white. There are many cultures and nations amongst white people (Caucasians).
It is only nationalist because it does not encompass the entire race.

Japanese is a sub race of Asian. The Japanese consider themselves a race even. There are
distinct physical appearance differences amongst Asian races (sub-races). They do not “All
look alike”, as so many racists would have everyone believe. Your new argument only works if
the Japanese were white. Not a race, but a particular nationality amongst a race. The soviet

While on the subject pinko, and commy are both very unfortunate words that caused a lot of
hate and the world is better for using less. Look what the “Red Scare” did to media in the
United States.

So the term is still racist and you wish to argue for it to be a non-racist hate/ derogatory
term. That is still a hate/derogatory term and not okay. Now you will probably try to switch
the argument to making non-racial hate/derogatory terms okay. You can’t win in one defense of
hate/derogatory speech, racism, so now you switch to another and try to argue for it being

I just wish hate-filled-derogatory-racist terms like that (Weaboo) were not used. I wish that
good people didn’t unknowingly use them thinking they were something innocent. It brings down
a good person. It lowers them. My only goal is to try to reduce the amount such words are
used, or at least give pause and second thought to the use of the “W” word.

In the face of this you come up with a new argument in defense of another very distasteful,
offensive, and hate filled set of terms. Non-racist derogatory-hate terms.

Why are you so obsessed with defending and spreading vicious hate/derogatory speech? If it is
defense of free speech I get it and you have exercised free speech. The term is racist, and
derogatory. The term is also against Japanese cultural, influence, language, affiliation,
Japanese things, entertainment, holidays, food, traditional clothing, mannerisms, tech.,
interest in Japan, association with Japanese people, etc.. So, you could get called a “W”
just for standing too close to someone whom a racist perceives to be Japanese.

While we are on the subject, many professionals and non-professionals agree that one of the
best ways to learn a new language is complete immersion. Colleges even let a person take a
trip for the summer to a foreign country to fulfill a credit for their major that would
otherwise take going through 2 terms of a language course. If you went that far to learn
Russian I would not call you a pinko I would call you serious and determined. One person
from my high school graduating class did all of that other than wear communist attire and
he is now a teacher at a college that I attended. He doesn’t teach anything to do with
Russia. He just seriously wanted to learn the language and take a vacation in a foreign

The term Weaboo goes way beyond a nationalistic hate. Its new, dominant, negative
connotations and end results are spreading and in the vast majority. It is commonly used
exactly the same way and with the same intent as “N*****-Lover!” It is simply directed at
the Japanese and those who would have any association with them or anything that has to
do with them, rather than people of black skin and those that would have anything to do
with them or anything associated with them. It turns my stomach.

Race does not always equal culture. Sometimes it does though. Just as not all birds are
pheasants, some are though. Japan is a special case.

Japan was isolationist through most of its history. Look at how hard it is to get Japanese
citizenship. Most Japanese think that you have to be Japanese to become a true Japanese
and get citizenship. The laws for citizenship in Japan reflect this. A half Japanese faces
a difficult situation involving citizenship when they reach the proper age. Look at
holding dual citizenship in Japan.

The “W” word goes far beyond simply insulting a fascination with Japanese culture. Far
beyond. It may not have originally meant to do so, yet it now does and has for a while.
The word attacks any and all association with Japan, or anything Japanese. Not simply
culture. “N***-Lover!” does not simply insult a culture. Weaboo is frequently used the
same way now. It is not a simple miss use of the word, it is the growing racist
connotations of the word, its dominant intent and end results are racist.

further test conversations that may be used to elaborate
*** – M: But that’s nonsense, because anybody who actually earns the title is so obsessed that, unless they are you, they will wear it like a badge of honor.
1:39 AM – n: plus i fear that a japanese person being from a culture that raises one to put high importance on group acceptance would see their significant other being alienated because of them, so a lot of good relationships could get ruined
1:39 AM – M: Hmmm.
1:39 AM – n: seeing that it can push people away
1:40 AM – n: the racists who just hate japan start looking into it
1:40 AM – M: This involves getting over the hurdle of a Japanese person being willing to alienate their family and group dynamic to hook up with a crazily-obsessed white person in the first place.
1:40 AM – M: And that’s a small, but admittedly non-zero, number of people.
1:40 AM – n: meanwhile peoples definition of obsessed goes further from one person to the next and everyone keeps agreeing cause they are thinking about this person being like the obsessed person that annoyed them
1:41 AM – n: when the person using the term may actually be taking the term way too far
1:41 AM – M: Well, if it helps, ****, I consider there to be three levels of appreciation of something.
1:41 AM – n: and about the time the slow racist mind finally gets that he/she can use this term it has already degenerate to if you have anything to do with japan
1:41 AM – n: and then the racist looks at the board/forum for the first time and says my work here is done
1:41 AM – M: When they reach the **** level, that is when you start applying words to them.
1:42 AM – n: that takes 3 months to a year on the internet
1:42 AM – n: weaboo was created in 2005
1:42 AM – n: its 2014
1:42 AM – M: So, it’s… indirectly racist, but not because of the word in and of itself, but because of the users.
1:42 AM – n: I have seen it more commonly used for racist purposes
1:52 AM – M: Yes. Racism exists, but racism would exist with or without terms for it.
1:52 AM – n: new terms can help it spread
1:53 AM – n: those terms that go unchecked or wrongly justified just help it spread worse