Am I a wasp?

Have I been so Hurt (before, that) in situations (in my past) I would have stung hope?

A wasp was stuck in the vehicle I was driving at the time. I opened the door and it would not fly out. If I attempted to save it I would be stung by it (in its panicked and vulnerable state, unaware of my intentions and immersed in its desperation). If I left it in the vehicle it would most certainly die in the heat.

At times in our lives we become panicked and so immersed in our situation that we may not see the helping hand that is extended to us. Without knowing we may lash out at and attack hope offered by someone (even a complete stranger, or perhaps a loved one), whom bears us no ill will at all. We may push them away and make our own situation worse never to realize what we have done.

It is something we all do in a panic. It is a fight or flight situation. We do not intend to harm, yet we do. Those who would help us are left dejected and less likely to extend their hand in the future. Often they do not even communicate their end of the situation.

Who knows how many times they have done such a thing?

These thoughts rushed into my head as I turned away, leaving the wasp to its fate. Shouganai…