There is nothing left. Obliterated. They got it all, and it was a slaughter. Holes in everything like Swiss cheese.

Carpet-bombed my sanity and life. Dropped daisy cutters right in the living room. I get the feeling a napalming is on its way. Nothing left to hide behind, to collect my thoughts, and plan the best route to power through the rest of this year. What every happened to the days when they would pause and send in soldiers to bandage your wounds before the next wave of planes?

I knew it would be a tough year, but it is just not letting up. Lost touch with reinforcements, supply drops are infrequent and shaky at best. Rations getting low. Just play it by ear and rely on instinct. To low on sleep to think rationally. The enemy may have us by the balls, but maybe, just maybe, we can slip through their fingers un noticed as they over do it.

Tuck and run. On auto pilot and pressing forward. Over half way through by my guess. What day is it even? I hear engines on the horizon.