Last stop of the shift. Finished for the night and about to take off. Noticed a slender stream lined young woman looking through the ashtrays. As I am done with the straps and chains on the truck I stand up to walk around to the cab. Forming out of the darkness she materializes. I thought she had gone.

She asks if I have a light. I notice she has roughly the same hairstyle that Henry had. She is his height. Her face and voice are what you would imagine if Henry had been an attractive woman. She must have found a good cigarette butt.

I nonchalantly reach into my pocket and feel a pack of matches, I thumb around and grab hold of a second one. As I hand them to her she says, “No one wants to cope with me tonight.” I turn away and walk to the cab of the truck and take off.

Henry used to dig through ashes looking for cigarette butts with some Tabaco left.