I have been legally ordained for a number of years now. I think since 2002, maybe earlier. The first time someone wanted to have me officiate their wedding was as a back up priest/minister. The main one didn’t show and I was sent away to switch clothes and come back ready to officiate a marriage. Luckily, the preferred-first-choice-priest/minister was there by the time I got back.

Then was the friend that was determined to get me to be the priest/minister at his wedding. It wasn’t easy trying to get him to give up on the idea. Eventually he moved out of town and the subject dropped.

This time a different friend wouldn’t take no for an answer. The original person slated to do it was charging them and kept cancelling. I decided to help, free of charge.

It seems to have went well. He (and his bride) was very happy with how it went. No complaints at all either.

This means I will be getting a lot more requests and a lot more often. I don’t like this idea. Don’t really want to mess something that important up. Still, I did get it right with no issues the first try…hm